Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For My Fallen Soldiers...

Well, another year has come and past. it was a TOUGH one to say the least, but i woke up every morning in 2008...and for that i am thankful....This year alone, i lost about 5 people that i knew well or had the pleasure of meeting. Crazy, i know. Its wild that i went thru most of my life without barely going to 5 funerals..and i went to about 4 this year alone..

One the bright side, my health has improved and i was able to deal with a lot of personal demons.

2009 IS going to be a better year...

this is for my fallen soldiers...

Uncle Orlando
Teddy Aka "Sharky" 1988-2008
Ian Dyer Lock 1989-2008

and last but definitely not Lil "mogul" nurse (lol he hated that)... my babes

Brandon Anthony Modeste :May 23, 1989- August 30, 2008

..not a day goes by when i don't think about you...the way you would mock my "white girl voice" how u would DeBo my iPod as soon as you got in my car...or my remote when u came to my crib. I cant even hear certain songs and not think about you...or watch Martin (lol)..Even though things weren't all PB & J i had and always will have mad love for you hun....Rest in peace B...

this is for you..i know if you got to hear this remix it would've been ya "tune"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In The Spirit Of Christmas..

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Every year I notice that Christmas just gets more and more boring...So Im gonna reminise about some of the things that brought me delight in Christmases past..

1. My Size Barbie

..Do I need to explain? what else could a 6 year old girl possible want besides a doll that wore the same size as you? (lol) I used to get in trouble for putting my clothes on this thing..

2. Easy Bake Oven

Rachel Ray was Probably still in high school when i was hooking up brownies with icin and some chocolare chip "cookies" lol..i was mad as hell when my cousin stuck the damn spoon in the oven and i had to basically dismantle this shit to get it out...

3. Baby Born

I guess this was for the future baby momma in me...

4. Fingernail Fun Salon

Oh yes, I was the SHIT with my lil press on nails...too bad i couldnt wash my hand or scratch my head after i would spend 'bout a half an hour getting my nails did....

5. PlayStation

I had to have one. And these were my games of choice..Dont Judge Me!(lol)

6. Olympic Gymnast Barbie

I guess my mother bought her for me so I would stop flipping all over the damn house.

....More to come lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week's Candy Memory is...


woo i used to kill some nerds in elementary school! You couldnt tell me nothing in religion class when i would be sneaking them lil bad boys by the handful.. Strawberry was my Nerd of choice until the dual pack Combo Nerds came out (which caused a state of frenzy at the local corner store) Of course they had to be eaten by the handful cause you could never get the real "taste" of them unless you had 10 or more in your hand. *sigh* those definitely were simpler times...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love Is..

Sometimes I wonder if i really know how to love, or even BE loved. I mean, we all say "i love you", but how many times do you really mean it? I hear it all the time,. But last night i sat down and really thought about some of the things that those who "love me" do to me.

And I'm not to sure if that's love. At least, not the love I want.

Just when i thought i didnt know what to do my iPod came thru for me...
About to be in tears..This came on:

Love is, much more to life than just words
Love means, much more than to say you love
Love is, call on me brother
Love is, call on me sister
When you love someone, love from the heart
Cause love is the start yeah
Love is the answer for every question
Just ask your self why, why
Love is the key to open the door
When they close in your face
Love shows you the way
When u are lost, lost
And cant find your way