Thursday, October 29, 2009

hold the damn presses!

So yesterday was going just fine and dandy until right after I blogged. My phone vibrated and I figured it was a bbm so I disregarded it until I was finished some paperwork.why when I looked to see who it was it was a text. From NEWBS.

Yes, the same Newbs who I said I was done with because he chose a very inappropriate time to disrespect me.

Yes, the same Newbs who I haven't spoken to since October 1st, the night we had that dispute in my car.

He had the nerve to hit me up like everything was peaches and damn cream. I couldn't believe it. Then had the nerve to say "I still feel some kind of way" yea? Cuz I told you you weren't shit or cuz I said I don't want to love someone like you, who disregards my feelings to prove a point.

I asked him if he wanted to talk any problems he had out with me, because last time I checked I wasn't a fuckin mind reader. Let me know how u feel. I don't assume.

I'm still waiting to hear from him. I honestly hope he knows I don't plan on waiting forever. I all but told him out relationship can cease where it stands.

I have no problem moving on with my life.


Nikki said...

Lex...hmmmm, that type of behavior never improves and loving someone w/ya whole heart is no guarantee, they'll do good by you

I must say he is consistent in the way he disregards your feelings....I guess he can be credited for staying the course

And I'm only going off ya posts n blogs; I dont know any other dimension or aspect of him
So dont cuss me out when you two boo'd up again LOL

Anonymous said...

awwww, little lexi has grown up right before my eyes...I missed all the drama and the new stuff but from this post I gather someone got dropped for being an asshole...You're 21 be wild, be free, enjoy the single life before you end up cuffed<---lol too soon..

Lexi said...

Lol yea @ Abs I guess your right he is consitent but for all the wrong reasons

And @Ness its true I'm too young to put all my time and energy into someone who won't appreciate it for what its worth.