Monday, March 29, 2010


Lately, I've been asking myself a lot of questions that start with that very word. "HOW?"

How do you support someone you care about when they push you away at every open opportunity?

It IS hurtful when someone you love takes out their frustrations on you. Especially if you didn't do anything wrong, and all you want to do is be comforting.

As the type of person i am, i don't like to see the people i love and care about suffer. But at the same time, i cant just continue to be the doormat you rub your feet on after coming in from a storm.

When will people see that it's behavior like that that will push a good person away.. possibly forever?

I really wish the person that this was geared to could understand that their actions are slowly but surely making me want to X them out of my life forever..

Nothing i hate more than to be built up just to be let down.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me.

I know i haven't blogged in a while. There are numerous reasons for neglect. I'm sorry.

BUT I'm back now!! *throws confetti*

I think this is a good time to blog because in about 5 minutes it will be my 22 BIRTHDAY.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just thankful to see 22 years.... healthy and happy.

Its been a tough 22 years no doubt BUT.. they've been mine and every day makes me a little better. Don't you think?

Unlike my 21st, i don't have much planned for this birthday. Just going to take it nice and easy tomorrow.... go get a mani and a pedi, a facial.. get some stuff waxed LOL...

Friday night om going to Party Party PARTY!! Haven't done that in a while.

I'll be back to blogging regularly next week. I've got a lot to tell ya.