Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ok, im back to normal again.

I really went off in my last post, didn't I?

Its amazing how angry you can be in the heat of an I'm not upset anymore. Thank goodness. I don't like the angry me.

I have been keeping my distance from the few men in my life that seem to be in heavy rotation as far as me being "situated". Technically, I'm not spoken for. But I do have feelings for each of them. And each set of feelings is completely different.

Luckily I'm not trying to make anything out of any of these "relationships". I'm completely going with the flo.

And NO, I'm not sleeping with any of them. That tends to mess things up. Lol.

The only thing I'm kind of afraid of is possibly falling for them. Yes, them. I mean, its possible. They all have different qualities and different things about them that I'm attracted to and that I like. They all offer something different.

As far as the new year goes, I'm not going to have any preconcieved notions about my relationship status. Its strictly going to be about me, my health and my happiness. Maybe more.

Who knows?


Anonymous said...

someone is growing up fast I see...Just enjoy the company that each of them brings you in each of their different ways...just don't expect anything b/c usually our expectations are set sooo high and we become disappointed with the end result...If something happens let it be a complete surprise...That's the best feeling in the world..Trust me I know!

Lexi said...

aww thanks Ness! trust and believe i take your words and keep them for future use.

but as you can see in my newest posts things have changed.

but let it be known that im entering any/all situations with a 10 foot pole..