Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week's Candy Memory is...


woo i used to kill some nerds in elementary school! You couldnt tell me nothing in religion class when i would be sneaking them lil bad boys by the handful.. Strawberry was my Nerd of choice until the dual pack Combo Nerds came out (which caused a state of frenzy at the local corner store) Of course they had to be eaten by the handful cause you could never get the real "taste" of them unless you had 10 or more in your hand. *sigh* those definitely were simpler times...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love Is..

Sometimes I wonder if i really know how to love, or even BE loved. I mean, we all say "i love you", but how many times do you really mean it? I hear it all the time,. But last night i sat down and really thought about some of the things that those who "love me" do to me.

And I'm not to sure if that's love. At least, not the love I want.

Just when i thought i didnt know what to do my iPod came thru for me...
About to be in tears..This came on:

Love is, much more to life than just words
Love means, much more than to say you love
Love is, call on me brother
Love is, call on me sister
When you love someone, love from the heart
Cause love is the start yeah
Love is the answer for every question
Just ask your self why, why
Love is the key to open the door
When they close in your face
Love shows you the way
When u are lost, lost
And cant find your way