Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For My Fallen Soldiers...

Well, another year has come and past. it was a TOUGH one to say the least, but i woke up every morning in 2008...and for that i am thankful....This year alone, i lost about 5 people that i knew well or had the pleasure of meeting. Crazy, i know. Its wild that i went thru most of my life without barely going to 5 funerals..and i went to about 4 this year alone..

One the bright side, my health has improved and i was able to deal with a lot of personal demons.

2009 IS going to be a better year...

this is for my fallen soldiers...

Uncle Orlando
Teddy Aka "Sharky" 1988-2008
Ian Dyer Lock 1989-2008

and last but definitely not Lil "mogul" nurse (lol he hated that)... my babes

Brandon Anthony Modeste :May 23, 1989- August 30, 2008

..not a day goes by when i don't think about you...the way you would mock my "white girl voice" how u would DeBo my iPod as soon as you got in my car...or my remote when u came to my crib. I cant even hear certain songs and not think about you...or watch Martin (lol)..Even though things weren't all PB & J i had and always will have mad love for you hun....Rest in peace B...

this is for you..i know if you got to hear this remix it would've been ya "tune"