Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In The Spirit Of Christmas..

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Every year I notice that Christmas just gets more and more boring...So Im gonna reminise about some of the things that brought me delight in Christmases past..

1. My Size Barbie

..Do I need to explain? what else could a 6 year old girl possible want besides a doll that wore the same size as you? (lol) I used to get in trouble for putting my clothes on this thing..

2. Easy Bake Oven

Rachel Ray was Probably still in high school when i was hooking up brownies with icin and some chocolare chip "cookies" lol..i was mad as hell when my cousin stuck the damn spoon in the oven and i had to basically dismantle this shit to get it out...

3. Baby Born

I guess this was for the future baby momma in me...

4. Fingernail Fun Salon

Oh yes, I was the SHIT with my lil press on nails...too bad i couldnt wash my hand or scratch my head after i would spend 'bout a half an hour getting my nails did....

5. PlayStation

I had to have one. And these were my games of choice..Dont Judge Me!(lol)

6. Olympic Gymnast Barbie

I guess my mother bought her for me so I would stop flipping all over the damn house.

....More to come lol


city said...

you know what future, I can let all of this slide except parappa the rapper. how could you like that game lol

"kick, punch, it's all in the mind" lol. I think that's how it went, my cousin used to play religiously. Tekken was the truth tho

Sadiqua P said... one toy i wanted was a glo-worm. thats it! my mom and dad have since given both of my daughters one for christmas...something about that lit up face makes me melt a little bit inside...

C. Alexis said...

City stop hating..

Diqua i will be waiting for my glow worm in the