Saturday, February 6, 2010

Been gone for a minute. Part 2

OK, now on to the juicy parts.

PD. *sigh* what a waste. Had all the looks and charm. He was perfect! But when it was time to put up or shut up, he could not keep up.

I hate when people make empty promises, and boy, did he make a lot of them. Not only that, he started to reveal a real selfish, spoiled side of him that i wasn't going to condone. He has a mother for that.

Anyhow, he called me one day, after weeks of 2 word BBMs all jolly and shit, and asked me if i was seeing anyone. So, me being the bitch i can be on certain days said "yes" (knowing damn well i wasn't) And he was like "oh okay cool, have you slept with him?"


if i did or didn't, why should you care? You haven't paid me an iota of attention for over 3 months boo boo...

So i said "yes i did, and recently at that". he got real quiet on the phone and then was like "oh I'm about to get my hair cut, I'll call you back"

thank goodness i didn't hold my breath.

SO about 3 days after my surgery he BBMs me saying he hopes im ok and i told him i was fine. But he has this ANNOYING habit of asking a question and when you reciprocate, he never replies. After that day i had enough. I basically told him that if he wasn't man enough to handle what I'd told him or be civil enough to have an adult conversation with me than he needed not be on my BBM list. and with the swipe and click via my thumb he was deleted from my contact list and my life.

Now, on to #4

I'm in love.

there, i said it.

But the crazy thing is, i think he's starting to fall too.

Since Christmas things have been soooooo good. it doesn't even make sense.

You probably all think I'm crazy for even bothering with him.. but hes changed. A LOT.

Who am i to not except change? he's so much more compassionate, loving, i see him so often, I've met more of his friends.

we talk now. that's what was missing before. it was all action and no talk. He's finally decided to let me in, and tell me how he really feels. I've been able to get more out of him in the past 2 months than i have in the 2 years that I've known him.

I was talking to a friend of mine who does relationship counseling about my situation with him. Ans she told me something that made a lot of sense.

She said maybe things went sour in the beginning because you both didn't trust each other. Which is true. I didn't trust him because i doubted him from the start.. i had the mindset that wasnt good enough, he cheat, things like that. and he didn't trust me for his own reasons. And this wasnt unknown to us, we told each other that we didn't trust one another. We both came from shitty past relationship situations. But over time he's realized that I'm not there to trap him, or for his money or status. I like him for who he is.

He told me the other day that when he's me he's always comfortable, calm and content. And i know that's a rarity for him because of the life he lives.

Sometimes i even save conversations we have because i think to myself there's no way this is the same guy from last year.

I'm happy. And for what its worth, I'm not banking on a relationship with him. what happens happens.

I think that was MY problem before. i was so gung ho about being "attached". That was doing nothing but setting me up for failure from jump street.

Say what you want about it, judge me, blah blah etc etc.. Frankly it doesn't matter.

I live my life for my happiness first. Other peoples opinions don't matter to me anymore.

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.”