Thursday, January 22, 2009

I ♥ The Office Ninja

OK so by now most of you should know im obssessed with the personal ads on CL...i came across this one this morning and..LMFAO i can't see for yourself..

Office NINJA seeks Female Assasin (CLEAN NINJA Pics ) - m4w - 31 (NO Dirty Pics ALL G-RATED Clean)

Your Secret Friendship with a Married Ninja [ looking for a FEMALE by birth only]

Here is what I am offering: Daily ongoing communication via email. In the beginning I only expect to flirt and exchange small sweet convo. Start slow and build at YOUR pace.

You are size 6 - 12, hispanic PR or white or bi-racial/mixed Latina, straight or Bi (don't be shy) with LONG hair or at least shoulder length. If you have a tummy, tattoos, piercings it's ALL GOOD - I don't mind such things. I am 31 yrs old, 6ft, about 195lbs.

Please do NOT send me naked pix.

Face pics available. Your age, height and weight is NOT important so if you are larger than a 12 it's all good. Bonus points if you have a nice round belly and straight hair.

I can send you a VIRTUAL VOICEMAIL via email [ I do NOT need your tel #] if you want to HEAR my voice. Again, no phone # ---> just email.

Wanna see more photos? Of course you do. Go to that special SPACE where everybody from Obama to yo mama go that begins with "My" and add ******


thundacat said...

umm Lexi....can u sign me up PLEASE???....and dont tell no one, but i think that might be HITMAN!!..lmaooooooo

ImDirtyBird said...

Is he hiding behind the plant??? lmbaooo Whew Lex he a sexxy Mofo I see now....... what if that really is hitman??? lol

city said...

ya'll know that's me right lol