Thursday, January 22, 2009

You have NO tact.

You know what? i'm bout 3 seconds from putting my foot up the next bitch ass that tries to gimme some nasty look when im out with my "male" (lol)

Have some fucking respect. You see me with him. You're going to have the audacity to give him sexy eye while he sitting RIGHT next to me? You got me mixed up boo boo..Dont let this prissy look fool you.. Cuz i will snatch this hat off my mother fucking head, take off this cute lil sweater and beat you like you stole from my nana.

Contrary to the previous paragraph, i am not a violent person. But blatant disrespect like that will not be tolerated, in any way, shape or form. What makes it worse is that before he came she kept watching me, every time i look up me and her eyes make four...I mean, if you like what i'm wearing, compliment me. if you dont, turn the fuck away... But dont try to stare me down and then proceed to foam at the mouth when my man shows up. If she was a dime, honestly, i would've been flattered. But she was so washed up...She was doing me an injustice by focusing her attention on us...I was too happy when she finally decided to stop breaking her neck and went about her business...

WHEW that felt GOOD to get off my chest

Thank goodness he wasnt paying her any mind(from what i saw), But being in the mood i've been in lately, all i need is there to be no cereal in the cupboard, and im bout ready to commit a 187 on somebody.