Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From A Man's Point Of View...

OK, so i have these 2 guy friends who i can talk to about pretty much anything. So last night, while i was re twisting one's dreads, we got into a conversation about relationships. Jack & Joe (that's what we're gonna call em) were arguing about how they approach dating someone....who's already in a relationship.

Jack feels as tho that's an automatic plus. Because he feels that since shes already attached to someone, she wont be all up in his face all the time. "I love being the other man..its the prime position to be in" So I'm like "why?" and he's like "because that means I'm not entitled to do anything." So Joe's like "that's stupid, because if you ever get into a relationship with that girl you're not going to trust her because of how y'all got together"

Joe's more traditional. he feels that he needs to get a girl fair and square. "I don't want to have to compete for her attention," he said. "cause Karma is a bitch and you will never be happy because you will only get the shit you dish out. And what man in their right mind wont mind a cheater?"

So Jack, being a man, is like "i don't care. if my girl is going to cheat, she can cheat. I always tell the girls i date that she wont be the only one..." Me and Joe look at each other and laugh because Jack has been riding the single train to Georgia for months now.

Don't get me wrong. Both Jack and Joe are good peoples. But that's crazy how some men think..


city said...

ok, I feel bad for agreeing with Jack on part of this. If a chick in a relationship wants to mess with me then it's cool with me. I don't have a problem being "guy #2". Only thing is I won't date her, that's where I agree with Joe. At that point I will assume she will cheat and thus, not put myself in that situation. Of course "guy #2" is just a sex role so that's all good