Wednesday, May 13, 2009

minor dilemma

Ok so newbie is back from his trip. and we've ironed out those few kinks *side eye* that we had last week.

His birthday is RAPIDLY approaching. and i dont have a CLUE what to get him. This will be my first time celebrating his birthday with him because last year i was out of comission due to my surgery. He has anything/everything he could want! and i dont want to get him some generic ass gift.. i mean this is a guy who weres Ferragamo shit on a rainy friggin day. *sigh*

I was just going to show up to his house in a trench and stilettos lol, but i could do that any day.

So, im open to suggestions as to what to get him for his birthday.

Please & Thanks.


JSADTheKing said...

How much are you willing to spend? lol. Does he like gadgets? And the trench and stelettos will always work plus little know guy fact men he have their shyt together probably have a lot in there life that they have control of so why don't you take control for one night LOL.

city said...

Hmm, for the guy that has you need to get him something he can't buy. A memory is always a good gift. Give him an experience (not sexual) he can always look back on. This seems hard but if you know him well enough you might have a hint as to what he would like to do that would put a smile on his face. If nothing comes to mind then give him an experience (sexual) that he won't forget. It is 3sum season, or so I heard :)

C. Alexis said...

LMAO @ 3sum season..yea thanks but no thanks on sharing the goods..

anywho i was thinking of doing somethin "special" (not sexual) for him but idk what exactly as of yet...