Monday, April 20, 2009

Its must be yo ass cuz it aint yo face...

aight thanks to the folks over at the Crackbox i decided to blog on a subject that has come up frequently recently.

Have you ever seen a GOOD looking girl in the club, and then you see her friend and she is UGLY as SIN? Or you see a good lookin guy or girl and their man or woman is vomitrocious?

I have. And what kills me is that the ugly one is going the hardest to get attention. Or if her friend is getting attention, she's quick to cock block. What kills me about this is that there are some pretty girls who would PURPOSELY befirend unattractive people to make herself look better. But at what cost to the other person? Is the unattractive person so blinded by the fact that they have a fly friend they dont realize the superficiality of their relationship? Not only that, the unattractive person tends to act like they're the finest thing since a ball point pen.

In the reltionship aspect the first thing people say is the "he/she must give good head/spend money/spoil them to keep that person around"(grimey LOL)

this can flop either way as far as personality too. Ive seen some gorgeous people with the ugliest attitudes and vice versa.

Dont get me wrong. Im not saying that Good & Bad looking people cant be friends. And i am by far the last person who should judge on this subject, but at the same time i always wonder the backstory to those relationships. They could be like me. I dont think ANY of my friends are unattractive. And i would never let my friends come out lookin a fool for my own benefit...But thats me.


Kera said...

good post! i wonder sometimes too about ppl's motives for befriending certain ppl..but hey to each is their own

Nick said...

this is so true, i know about a billion people who do this! it irritates me even more than a girl with bad breath. lol

JSADTheKing said...

I'm good looking what can I say, lol, I don't make it a point to go out and make ugly friends, but a lot of my friends have had rough lifes. lol.

Rob said...

LMAO, NO LIE me and my friends have a friend who we call Behemoth (she called herself that not us) and she gets us attention cause everyone looks at her ass and asks if shes a sumo wrestler. SO after they look at her they look at us cause we next to it :D