Monday, June 1, 2009

NY Craigslist... LAWD

lmao. i hate my cousin SO EFFIN MUCH!!

she and i have asecret affair with the men seeking men ads on NY Craigslist.

*le frackin sigh* @ this ish right heh so:

watch hot porn on my video ipod while i suck ur dick in ur car (rp, mv, fh - in your car)

hey guys. i'm looking for a local guy or a guy driving through the area who wants their dick sucked while they enjoy hot straight porn on my video ipod. its very tiny but large screen so its small & discreet. pick me up, park on a nearby street, whip it out, get sucked til u cum in my mouth, i swallow, u drop me off back where u picked me up, we part. no strings. no drama. no chat. just enjoy some hot straight porn while u enjoy my slutty mouth. gay/bi/straight whatever. single/divorced/engaged whatever. none of that matters. all races welcome. all body types welcome. all dick sizes welcome. all ages welcome (but you MUST be over 25 only). so all u need is a car & a dick. reply & lets plan it. this ad is for anytime. you can call me nasty names while you fuck my mouth. it just gets me in a sluttier mood.

i thought that was the worst until:

Date: 2009-05-29, 5:54PM EDT

one of the guys on this site that wants you to be generous/gives massages. i asked beforehand if he was clean and he swore he was just tested for hiv and stds and was clean. i found out yesterday that i have herpes (which by the way, is INcurable, and spreadable even if you don't have any sores). i confronted him about it, and he said, oh well-- i hoped you wouldn't get it. turns out he knows he has it, but he doesn't care since he says that if someone is stupid enough to have sex for money, they "deserve it." he even admitted he's given it to several guys, and just laughs about it! he seemed so nice it was hard to believe he's actually a complete low life (in retrospect, it shouldn't be shocking since he is a whore...). now for the rest of my life i'm gonna have to tell anyone i'm about to have sex with that i may give this to them (condoms help a lot from spreading it, but are not 100% since ball sacks often have infected skin cells). all because of one stupid sex encounter! makes me wonder how many other guys (whores or not) are infected since this site is very "incestuous")

so i'm warning you all-- DON'T PAY FOR SEX FROM ANYONE ON THIS SITE! is it really worth it?!! took you getting BURNED to figure this out GENIASS?