Saturday, December 12, 2009

are committed relationships dead?

What the hell does a woman have to do to find a man that

A) does not already have a relationship in progress

B) have baby mama drama

C) doesn't want to fuck every girl in the world?

I cant deal with men anymore. I'm like "okay, if i give so'n'so so much time then I'm bound to be in good, right?


Everybody wants SOMETHING. Whether its money, all sex and no commitment, to boss you around.,..SOMETHING. Like COME ON ALREADY.

I'm kinda over this whole cycle i find myself being constantly pulled into. I'm a good person. I try to stay clear of any type of drama. but for some reason these NIGGAS(yeah, i said it) keep finding me and try to dog me the FUCK out.

So you expect me to sleep with you, give you money, but we never do anything?

So you expect me to sleep with you, and when your "girl who's not really my girl but shes still my girl" is in town i just disappear like its nothing?

Do I Have some sort of sign on my damn forehead that attracts these assholes?

Its like i need to be the anti-Christ to get anywhere with these people. Im so over this whole relationship thing its not even funny

Things can go from sugar to shit in 0.05 seconds. And with that i am DONE.


Anonymous said...

So much drama and only 21!!! LOL...This almost, I said almost, makes me glad that I settled early but you can't give up on men completely lexi...Just enjoy them for what they are worth, find that one that can give you the big "O" don't fall in love with him cause 9 times outta 10 he aint bout shit...Put him in the sex only file and enjoy being a young,beautiful,vivacious,smart black woman and I guarantee the right one will come along that will know your worth...

city said...

Lex, in the world we live in it's hard to find that perfect person (male or female). Like you said, the ones we want are either in a relationship or ain't shit. You might have to do like the tv shows and set a sex rule (no fucking for 3 months type of ish) to weed out the niggas that's there for sex and the ones that are there for you as a person.......or do like Ness said and just fuck and move on lol

ThinkGoHard said...

Its probably your selection. Its more good women then men. So men that know they have something going for themselves know they are in demand and don't put the effort in to keep a good woman because they are a dime a dozen. They aren't going to commit to you because their are a million women just like you or probably better. That not taking a shot at you personally its just the math that goes along with the situation fam. Maybe you should try ugly dudes. They always faithful.

Lexi said...

I'm not completely giving up on men, I'm just taking a break of sorts. Considering everything that I've been thru I think its time. And honestly I don't even go looking for these things to happen! Its like I seem to attract them.

I'm not going to lie and say that no, the attractive guys aren't trouble. But so are some unattractive ones! Its more about personality for me.

And to ThinkGoHard I def didn't take that to heart. Because I'm sure that 1) I am a good woman and 2) there are/could be women better suited for these guys. But there's obviously something that attracted them to me. Because they seek me out. So no offense taken here.
The entire dating scene is like a game of chance. The outcome can go either way. But if you never really take any risks you'll never know what might have or could be.