Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Hate....

i need to air out some of the things i really hate.. here we go lol

-open-toe shoes worn with stockings.

- people over the age of 25 with Sidekicks.

-Manpris. If your going to wear shorts, wear shorts. If your going to wear long pants, wear long pants. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

-The McDonalds on Avenue H. I swear everyone who works there is special. They move slow, forget your order..Just a mess.

-Girls who wear eyeshadow wrong.

-People who wear the exact outfit on a display mannequin. Now everyone knows its from H&M.

-Glasses with no lense.

-People who walk slow then abruptly stop on a busy street or in the train station.

-People who sit with their legs wide open on a crowded train, taking up 2 seats.

-Men who don't give their seats to elderly, pregnant or women with babies.

-People who yell into their cellphones.

-Sunglasses, giant pocketbooks/purses/hanbags, fur coats, & bluetooth headsets in the club

-People who sing a song mad loud with the wrong lyrics.

- When natural hair and weave dont match(texture, color, or both)

- people who drive slow, then speed up at the yellow causing you to be stuck at the light

-People who dont move to the back of th bus.

-When people act ghetto/loud/obnoxious in a public area.

-When people assume everyone in/from Brooklyn knows eachother.

-When you tell someone you're West Indian and they automatically think you're Jamaican or Haitian.

-When you go shopping and a person puts something down, and you pick it up, and they go back and pick up that same item because you did.

-When people stare at the menu forever at McDonalds.

-People who act extra in the club(throwin money *eye roll*, splitting)

-When you tell somebody youre gonna call them back and they call you 5 minutes later like, "why you aint call me back?"

-Leather bombers with cartoon characters on them.

-Overweight girls who tuck their shirts into their jeans and pull the belt so tight the gut hides the belt.

-People who feel the need to share what their shit is and how much it costs in pictures.

-People who listen to music/ringtones without headphones in public.

-Cracked, chapped, peeling lips.

-People who dont like something but do it or like it because you say you do.

LOL Sorry this list has been building..and will continue to grow.


Sadiqua P said...

may i, Lexi dear?

-babies with names/nicknames that are going to fuck them up for life, like the 3 year old named "Killer" i saw at Macy's last week...or his sister Magnificent. yo. mama. aint. shit.

-people with MORE that 12 items in their baskets in the 12 item or less, not the 14 item person, the one with 40 damn items.

-people with no kids who park in the "Parents with kids" parking spaces.

-people who dont open/hold the door for me when i have a stroller and six bags.

-teenagers in general. all of them.

-whoever controls the price of movie theatre popcorn.

-indian/foreign customer service workers

-indian/foreign customer service workers with AMERICAN NAMES. like im too dumb to know your name aint Angela. wtf?

-the mom with the SUV at my daughters bus stop who wont let the kids sit in her car and wait when its cold. u aint shit either, Linda.

i have more, i just have to remember them all lol

Rob said...

I'm guilty for the following...

-People who wear the exact outfit on a display mannequin. Now everyone knows its from H&M. (no comment)

-People who sing a song mad loud with the wrong lyrics.

And for pointing out my fuckery i'm gon beat you like Chris Fisteezy beat good girl gone bruised!

C. Alexis said...

No please NoOOoO *opens safety umbrella*

Just dont hurt my cold sore

Anonymous said...

LOL@Lexi...This is what I hate...

-men who get manicures
-men who wear sandals
-too much black hair gel
-people that ask me if I can wash my locks
-women who wear cute outfits with the wrong shoes!
-people who are loud and obnoxious for no reason
-ridiculous colored weaves(orange)
-people who drive nice cars but live in shacks
-kids with snotty noses(tissues be like 99cents at the dollar store)
-lil negroes that wear baggy pants and hold them up(get a belt!)
-stupid ringtones(souljah boy kiss me thru the phone)
-women with beards and mustaches

I could go on and