Monday, April 20, 2009

10 things i believe i know about men.

ok so over the weekend i had time to think about ALL of the men in my life. and there are some things that they do or say that seem to just come natural to them. Here's my take on it...

10) Men sometimes lie because it’s easier than telling the truth.
This is pretty much self explainitory. The funny thing is, i can usually tell when their lying. but i never say anything. i prefer to let them believe they got away with it and then use it against them at a later date. (lol)

9) Men like to gossip just as much as women do.
ABSOLUTELY. Having Jack & Joe as friends ive seen this front han. They talk about everybody's situation, how they wouldve handled it, etc etc. like old women on a stoop its hilarious. and when you tell them they're gossiping they deny it.

8) Men are bad at remembering dates.
Unless it has something to do with them. My dad couldnt even remember my sisters birthday for cryin out loud.

7) Men are scared of the term forever.
The minute you say "we'll be togethere forever" he's already half way out of the door. The only time they seem to like it is during sex lol "this is yours forever!"

6) Men don’t want to admit it, but they need women in their lives.
The same go for women. Sometimes they hate the fact that the NEED us, but they do. And not even for major things. the little things, like giving him little massages, cooking for him, umm rockin the all matters to them as much as they try to deny it.

5) Men take sports seriously.
Conversations during game time is an absolute no-no. God forbid you tell him you want to go out during the playoffs. Yesterday i slept through a zilllion games because well. i couldnt deal with it lol. And lets not mention when i almost got body slammed out of excitement when the Giants won the superbowl.

4) Men can’t take hints.
Dont even bother droppng any. If you want to say something, s-p-e-l-l-i-t-o-u-t. Because more then likely they'll misconstrue your hint, and it will backfire on you.

3) Men are visual beings.
This is the reason they like porn, strip clubs, or just to see you do a lil sum'n sum'n freaky for them every now and then. A mans mind is a visual playground. If you talk dirty to your man on the phone, there is a guarantee he has his thoughts going south, because he can mentally picture you doing what you say youre doing.

2) Men care what others think of them, and even dress up for others.
Even though they may not say it, they are. Any male ive been acquainted with has been almost as much into fashion as me. Making sure their hair is always cut, nails are always clean. When they go out, they make sure their outfit is on point, cologne smelling good, everything. And trust me its well appreciated.

1) Men can’t help but check out other women.
And that is OK. shit, if she's fine, im looking too! Its a natural reaction for men.I dont understand why chics get so angry when their man takes a peek at another girl. HE'S WITH YOU!! let him look all he wants. Some of them even try to deny it which is funny cause at the end of the day he's giving you the goods, so obviously you have something he likes.


Sadiqua P said...

girl, WHY do women trip over their man looking at other women? i wont even lie, i used to be one of those girls...but then i realized i was up in his face wayyyyy too much if i knew everytime he was checkin another girl out! and u are right, im checkin her out too, giving her hair a pass or fail, rating her outfit on a 1-10 scale, and wondering where on earth she got those bad azz shoes from.

guys, just dont give her one of those really long, lingering, undress her with your eyes means your mind is wandering! a simple up and down will do! and ladies need to go on and return the favor when u see a dude that is lookin good!

JSADTheKing said...

First let me say nice post, second look at you trying to act like you know MEN,lol.

10) yes we lie lol men don't like the boat rocked and if a man lie it usually means two things. one he cares about you enough to try to come up with a lie because the truth is easy and usually painfull, two he wants one more day of no drama before he springs the truth on you orthe lie runs out of steam.

9)True but we talk about totally different things than women whether or not Joe is whipped or not, and whether or not that chick we saw earlier could get it or not.

8) True lol.

7) I agree and disagree with this lol I'm only scared of forever if your azz was a one night stand in my mind or your talking about forever after we've know each other for two weeks.

6)I agree I love the softness of a woman and yes I need it in my life.

5) Correct but we treat any and every competitive activity like this. lol video games, board games, or to friends racing up the street. lol

4) Not sure about this because I am a man my mind always goes in the direction sex, food, sport, or uh oh she is talking again look out for emotions, lol. So we tend not to say anything until we are absolutly sure what your getting at. So its easier to play dumb and have you spell it out.

3) TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

2) TRUE!!!!!!!!! Especially what are home boys think. A young dude can new to relationships can lose a good woman because his boys say he's whipped lol.

1) True some dudes will denie it be we mentally have sex with any and every semi attractive or unattractive woman who has a trait we are into the first time we see her and maybe more than once depending on how much she embodies a trait we like in a woman.