Monday, April 13, 2009

I needed a new blog post

I been having complaints about the peen warmers (lmao) tickels me still
anywho i figured i'd do somethin outta my usual post pics of myself from vegas lol. (clearly im bored)

Lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory

first night in vegas

in the bathroom at NY NY lol (our bathrooms do NOT look like this at all)

@ the club

Me and my homegirl

dont be fooled i was definitely drunk in this pic lol

this nucca right here..lmaoo had us ctfu


city said...

First and foremost, thank you for the new entry *sideeye them damn peen warmers*

now, I'm feeling the "first night in vegas" outfit. What's up with homie and the kid from house party hair style?

Nick said...

im sure you already know my feelings on these pictures. lol

Treasure said...

*Snaps fingers like a diva*
You look great! (No Homo, lol)
Get It Girl!

Rob said...

This is late but i need to do my hair like that guy ... HOW HE DO IT!?!?

C. Alexis said...

aww thanks you guys

Rob honnay that's a mystery lol

ImDirtyBird said...

Lexi! You have some sexxxy legs girl! (no homo) lol
I attempt that lil skirt...and I'll end up on YKYDAW