Saturday, February 6, 2010

Been gone for a minute. Part 1

*clears throat* HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

lol had to be late, you know i work on West Indian people time, which is a about 2 weeks behind CP time.

anyhow, Hi everyone! its been a while since I've blogged! i feel bad about it. I was actually thinking about blogging earlier this week, but of course something came up and prevented me from doing so.

So much has happened since i last posted. Let me see if i can give you a rundown:
  1. i had another surgery. A week ago today to be exact.
  2. left my job (don't worry, i wasn't fired. See reason #1)
  3. i got rid of PD. (I'll explain.)
  4. Newbs and I are speaking again (oh, i'll explain that too.)
Ok so lets see....where do i begin?

oh right. #1
can you believe its been 6 months since my last surgery ALREADY? yeah, me neither, time goes by when you're having fun. *snicker* But yes after multiple reschedules etc etc the good old doc took another chunk of my beloved right boob away *tear* BUT I'll be happy to announce that the problem area, the pigmentation that has plagued me for ALL of my life is GONEEEEE *does tootsie roll*

I cried like a big ass baby at my post op visit last Tuesday. It was beautiful.

Now all i need is for my 2 breasts to be the same size, and I'll be perfect. Again :-)

#2 The doctor kind of gave me an ultimatum when it was time for me to plan my surgery. you either A) have the surgery, go back to work after a week (which i did last time after he told me NOT to) get sick and have to have another unnecessary surgery to prevent what could've been prevented had i stayed my ass home or B) take a leave of absence and recovery properly.

I chose B. I even one upped him, and handed in my resignation. ALL of my co-workers were soo unhappy to see me go! but i had to. Whenever i was sick, i was never really off because they'd call for my help regarding things at work. that's part of the reason i went back to work so soon last time. But i said to myself this time "Self whens the last time you really REALLY took a break?" and self said "hmm good question"

SO as of right now I'm unemployed *GASP* lol but I'm not even stressing. my main focus right now is my health and recovery. I have money saved up (not to mention a real sexy tax return) that will cover my bills and expenses(or lack thereof) until I'm ready to work again

which will probably be soon. I'm not a homebody. At. ALL.