Thursday, March 19, 2009

it's about me now II

so its day 4 in my "silent treatment" by the loser. and still no effects. i've tried to contact him a few times, and no answer. so im officially finito. got other things to worry my TRIP! whew in 7 days i will be makin it rain on the Las Vegas strip!!! i dont lost my mind buying shoes and outfits for my lil mini vacay....i even decided to complete my life transformation with a new haircut and all..

im not letting him get me down, as much as he would like to lol. And everyday i get the cold shoulder from him, i get the warm hug from my new "boo" ( who really isnt "new" per se but we're closer now than we were before)

im feelin like a milli a milli a milli. lol

p.s. Im feelin The Dream's new album.. Fancy & Right Side of Ya Brain are on heavy iPod rotation.


.dsade. said...

i was in that same situation not too long ago. sometimes you do gotta just say "screw it" and im glad you did and you're not still trying to get him to talk to you. he'll come around,cus he'll realize he screwed up =] and im jealous of your vegas trip lol

C. Alexis said...

lol dont be jealous girl.. i aint been away in a min