Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Racism Aint Dead...

ok, so this Russian dude been tryna get at me via myspace/aim for a while now. but i keep tellin him im not interested. obviously he has issues with rejection..cuz this is how the last convo we had went.

so funny you dont see peoples true colors til you dont give them what they want. Ima call him "whitey" for today..

Whitey: hello wow long time?
Whitey: how u been?
Me: ive been ok
Whitey: o ok arm is better and all that
Me: so so
Whitey: ooo
Whitey: ill make it feal better for u lol
Whitey: so whats up would u still meet me and chill with me
Whitey: or u still not ready for all that?
Me: i cant
Me: lol u so determind
Whitey: why not?
Me: because i cant
Whitey: whatever
Me: whatever?
Me: hmm ok, whatever.
Whitey: go enjoy your est ny men
Me: ? east ny
Me: lol i dont fraternize with those males thank you
Whitey: wa
Me: ??
Whitey: a nice white guy is trying to chill with u and u r talking mad dum i cant for real u pissing me off
Me: first of all dont come at me like that
Me: secondly white black chinese it doesnt matter
Me: im going thru somethin personal right now so i dont have time for anyone
Me: so please save that for somebody else.
Whitey: whatever shorty u to young to go thrue shit for real
Me: thats what u think but i dont know the life ive lived
Whitey: u tell it to someone else u live woth moms
Me: so u cant tell me
Whitey: in da hood
Me: lmao
Me: sorry sweety i do live with my mother but not in the hood
Whitey: o yea where do u live
Me: wouldnt u like to kno
Whitey: u prob live canarcie bed sty est ny or bronsivelle
Me: lol nope nope and nope
Me: sorry
Whitey: flatbsuh
Me: nope
Me: hahahaha
Whitey: crown hights
Whitey: hood
Me: silly little thing
Me: nope
Whitey: all your projects i just named
Me: lmao
Whitey: fort green
Me: im from the projects now?
Me: this is good
Whitey: well im sure u dont live in bayridge or bergan beach or mill basen
Me: lmao
Whitey: so please do tell
Whitey: im hoping im so wrong
Me: please dont insult me
Me: cuz i live in one of the 3
Whitey: that u r going thrue some times
Me: and im going to need u to spell check yourself before you get "smart"
Whitey: i dont care how to spell your areas as longest i know how to spell mines we good
Me: just because i'm not jumpin at your offer you want to act brand new
Me: trying to pull a race card
Me: hahahahha
Me: please
Whitey: i have nothing but been nive to u and showed u mad love
Whitey: and alwyes asked u how u feal
Whitey: but i get nothing but a bad vibe from u all the time for real
Whitey: im not some fucking loser here
Me: and i never deferred you from that
Me: i never said you were but i cant just be chillen with anybody right now
Whitey: i dont sell rocks on the corner of your hood im a very nice guy with a degree who was looking to meet some1 new
Whitey: but im sure u still chill and go out side right
Me: ok and i dont live in a "hood" i come from a very good home i go to a good college but im going thru somethin personal
Whitey: im sure your life is still going
Me: no i dont
Me: i dont party i dont chill
Me: unless its a family function
Me: i work. thats all i do.
Whitey: then u must be a depressed person
Me: no sweetheart im not depressed but i have to make decisions at the moment that may change my life
Me: not that you need to know because i dont owe you an explanation
Whitey: u must be having a baby by shovon then
Me: sorry im not knocked up either
Me: do you have any other black girl stereotypes you want to throw this way?
Me: because its amusing.
Me: your whole attitude towards "hood" people is sad
Me: because everything you named i never came from.
Me: but you only see that im brown and you generalize
Me: such a shame.
Me: i guess not coming from the "hood" having a doctor and an army sergeant as parents still makes me from the "hood"
Me: having my own car makes me "hood"
Me: nothing to say now?
Me: you had so much to comment on before

he still hasnt responded..hmpf


Nick said...

Damn lex, that is some fucked up dude right there, im really suprised at how cool you were about it. Believe me, i would have cursed the dude out from the first time he said "Hood", you handled it well tho. Fuck the Modasucker! Yes Modasucker!

C. Alexis said...

lol ion let little people ruffle my feathers..anyone who knows me
knows that aint my style

city said...

damn, he threw out every "hood" stereotype he could think of. The ignorance behind it all is what bothers me, he really thought that his being a white guy trying to talk to a black girl was really going to make your life better just because of his race. That's what got me

reedwrites said...

I think it's the opposite...I think he sees dating a black girl as raising HIS street cred. Or maybe he was trying to reinforce the stereotype by attempting to piss you off so you'd go all "ghetto-girl" on him.

Ah the perils and misguided thinking of the dumb and unexposed.

C. Alexis said...

hmm reed ya got a good point..

Rob said...

You handled it like a PRO! when you sent me that i LAUGHED my ass off cause this big ass guy and little car having self want pull out dutty ass tricks. BOOO HIM and why the fuck did i read whitney instead of whitey....

C. Alexis said...

lmao @ whitney..