Wednesday, March 18, 2009

its about me now

lately I've been feeling so good about my decisions. altho right now the loser isn't speaking to me, I'm still happy. the old me would've been trying so hard to get him to talk to me, but i realize now that that was my big mistake. why should i kiss his ass when i know i was right for me? after all we've been thru, he's mad because i wont sleep with him. the man who claims to love me no matter what is actin like a bitch because he's not the center of my world anymore. Get over it. Its time to move on. you wanna ride the single train, so hop aboard the shit, don't hang from the railing.
Its not even a point of me talking to someone else now, because i am. and he makes me happy. I thought that the loser would appreciate getting his space, but it seems like he wants to eat the candy, and not get the cavities..nope, not on my watch. the old me, maybe. but over the last few months I've come to realize that i did all of my living for everyone else's happiness and not my own. and cant do that anymore. because if god is to snatch me from earth tonight i want to go knowing i lived as best i could for ME first, and everyone else second.

ima consider this my second coming.


city said...

hmm, sounds like I don't have much hope anymore *wipes tears*

but yeah, you've gotta live for your own happiness. No point in making him happy and you being unhappy. Besides, you're still young and at the stage in life when you need to have fun and enjoy all that life has to offer.

.domo. said...

yeah i have to agree,you do what makes you happy first always

ImDirtyBird said...

Yes! Its a hard lesson learned, but we have to put ourselves first...
A friend of mine put it to me like this... while youre @ home...lonely..pouting...depressed...sad...waiting...etc., do you think they are? Hells No they aint! So why are you?