Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dudes hate too,..

i bumped into the loser this weekend. so we're back on civil terms. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR SCREWING...i said CIVIL. lol. i can have a moderate conversation with him without wanting to toss him or my blackberry out of a window.

Anywho, remember Jack & Joe? (see old posts) Well, i was twistin Jack's new growth and the loser came up. Idk WHY Jack & Joe ride the losers cock so damn hard. But they seem to think im makin a big mistake by starting somethin with my Newbie. They only saw him once, the day after christmas when i asked Joe to take me to get him since i didnt have my car.

Now, Newbie is very humble, down to earth. So he said whats up to them and talked to me the whole 5 minute ride, which is fine, cuz i hate a man who doesnt know how to shut the fuck up.

So last night, Jack is like " i dont like that dude (newbie)" and im like, why? he couldnt give me a straight answer. But im sre it has to do with the fact that i refused to ever give Jack access to my sin bin, and i let Newbie take a dip in it. (not that they kno that)

but ever since i started talkin to newbie jack & joe, who dont kno him from a glass of water, got shit to say. Askin me questions like "where he live?" "where he work?" Newbie has his own crib, and a great job. Joe is in the military and Jack is too tempermental to ever keep a freakin job....oh wait, he's an "artist" both live with mommy or fam. Now, dont get me wrong, i still chill @ home, but i dont say shit about the kinda chicks they go . Hate hate hate thats all i see and hear when they try to "compare" newbie to the loser.

whateveerrrr lolol


city said...

for the record, I don't like newbie either. and yes, it's for the same reason you think Jack doesn't like him. I keeps it real

Lexi said...

Lmao city ima BAN you! Like Mo says