Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is this how it is?

So now that I'm back on my single grind, me and my "ex" had a discussion about how to date.

He was saying that he found it ok to talk to 5 different girls, with no intention to date any of them. This is how it went:

Me: "so, if you wanna start dating one of them, how do you let the others know?"
Him: "i don't."
Me: "you..don't.."
Him : "na, not if they don't ask"
Me: laughs " so, if she doesn't ask if you're talking to anyone you wont say anything? what girl is gonna ask u if u chillin with anyone if y'all were talkin and now ur dating?"
Him thinks "na, i don't mean it like that"
Me: "yea you do. and then you're gonna bitch and moan that she always questions you, yadda yadda... that's the worse way to go into a relationship"
Him: i know, but i wanna exercise all of my options before i make a commitment"
Me: "right..and how many successful relationships do you have under your belt?"



city said...

"So now that I'm back on my single grind"

Oh really? :)

Come one lexi, this is 2009, lets be adults here. don't make me stalk you

C. Alexis said...

lmao stalkin is NOT sexy

2009 or not.

thundacat said...

lmaaaao@ "dont make me stalk you"

and yessss Lexi this is how it is!!....dont ask dont tell policy now a days...and with most men, even if u ask, he aint telling!!